Hey hi hello
m'name's dreen (short for Adrienne), and i love to draw dan and phil. i upload drawings whenever i can. requests are open!
OMG please don't stop drawing what Dan and Phil post on twitter! I love your drawings and when I saw your post I said "no" out loud. That's how much I like them!


i feel like i can’t draw anything based off of what dan and phil post on twitter anymore because everyone else does it and it’s 10x better i’m dea

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Reblog this if Dan and Phil have inspired you and/or changed your life for the better.


URLs will be put in a decorated mason jar and sent to Dan and Phil. I’m only doing the one jar for them because they live together and I only have four jars. My other jars I’m filling are below.

Tyler Oakley (x)

Hannah Hart (x)

Troye Sivan (x)